Director Profile

Dick Kratz

Dick retired from the Department of Corrections,(DOC), in 1997 after 34 years of service.

"Thought I would be golfing everyday of retirement but lost interest. Family, travel and too many other activities to enjoy. Like most retirees the days are all to short, or maybe too fast", says Dick.

Raised in Fox Lake, Wisconsin, Dick graduated from Milton College and Florida State University. He joined the WI Retired Corrections Personnel in 1997 and the Wisconsin Coalition of Annutitants,(WCOA), as a DOC represen- tative, in 2001.

Elected Secretary in June 2004, he knew it would be interesting to learn more about the Wisconsin Retire- ment System, (WRS). He's found the members of WCOA to be an interesting and diverse group, sincere in protecting our investment and addressing issues and concerns for all WRS retirees.

Dick is married and has been a resident of Stoughton since 1971. He and his wife, Joan, have four children, and seven grandchildren.

He retired from his Coalition Secretary duties in January 2023 and still serves as a Director.