Director Profile

Bob Schaefer
Bob Schaefer is a retired Civil and Environmental Engineer from the Department of Natural Resources. He retired at the end of 2008 after 33 years working in the field of wastewater treatment with an emphasis on organic solids reuse and in water supply with an emphasis on water treatment. Bob primarily worked in the Central office of the DNR but also worked for 5 years at the South Central Regional office.

After starting with the DNR he became active in the engineering bargaining unit and the State Engineering Association. While an officer in SEA, he recommended that SEA hire a consultant to keep watch on retirement and insurance issues being considered at the capitol. Since he retired, Bob has served in that position for SEA. As such, Bob attends meetings of the WiCOA, the Group Insurance Board, Employee Trust Fund Board and SWIB on behalf of SEA and reports monthly on activities of interest to SEA for current members and annuitants.

Bob was born in West Bend, WI, and attended the UW-Madison College of Engineering, as did his father and brother. He also completed a degree from the College of Agriculture in Natural Resources. Basically, he never left Madison once he arrived. He met his wife here and they settled in, both finding full time work in the area. They have three daughters that are currently living in the area. He and wife, Nan, like to travel, attend UW football, basketball and hockey games as time permits. Bob is also active with Wisconsin Public Television, the neighborhood association, church, and retirement activities like the bike and bowl group, DNR golf league and card games with fellow retirees.