Director Profile

Jack Stoddard

Jack considers himself a typical nomad. He was born in Indiana, grew up in Michigan and spent two years in college in Alabama.

From 1950-51, he spent twenty one months in the military, with almost a year in Korea. Returning from the service, Jack finished his undergraduate and a graduate degrees in Indiana at Notre Dame. Upon graduation he worked in the Indiana Juvenile Court system for several years, then as a California State Parole Agent stationed in Los Angeles.

From California it was onto Wisconsin, where he settled into a Department of Corrections position as a State Probation and Parole Agent stationed in Kenosha. But within a year it was on to Kansas, where he was offered the administrator position of a Juvenile Detention home located in Kansas City, Kansas.

Missing Wisconsin, a year later Jack moved back to the Badger state and spent five years as Probation and Parole Officer in Racine. He eventually came to Madison and spent twenty six years in administration of Adult Institutions. In 1984, Jack served in Washington, DC. for one year as a Visiting Fellow with the National Institute of Justice, under the Inter-governmental Exchange Act.

Jack retired from the Department of Corrections in 1990.

He became active with the Wisconsin Coalition of Annuitants, assisting with the early development of the Coalition. He has been a Coalition activist member since the organizations inception, representing Wisconsin Retired Corrections Personnel.

Jack passed away on February 8, 2012.