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Wisconsin Coalition of Annuitants

Minutes of Meeting August 15, 2022

DIRECTORS & ALTERNATES PRESENT: W. Backes, AFSCME 32; R. Beglinger, WFT-R; B.Bird, DOT; B. Brooks, CWCR; E. Frank, DNR; J. Grosklaus, West Allis; S. Haase, UWRA; B. Holmes, ESP; A. Knop, WEAC-R; R. Kratz, DOC; J. Lawton, ACE; J. Maydak, West Allis; G. Mitchell, AFSCME 52; E. Reiter, KM-R; B. Schaefer, SEA; R. Springman, WFT-R; J. Stangl, DCAREA; R. Wojciak, DNR; C. Wren, WSAA.

GUESTS: J. Forester, T. Hunter, D. Pettack, C. Preisler, J. Strohl John Forester introduced Dee Pettack who will replace him 1/1/23


The meeting was held by Zoom and was called to order by the Chair Bob Schaefer at 9:30 a.m.

MINUTES of the June meeting were approved as mailed.


GUEST: Chris Preisler, Senior Communications Specialist, SWIB.

Preliminary returns as of June 30.

Core Fund -13.3% with a benchmark of -13.3%.

Variable -20.1% with a benchmark of -20.3%.

The S&P 500 was -20%, Russell 3000 was -21% and World Equities were -11%.

Real estate 13% and private equities 7% continue positive.

The core fund is $116.5 billion and variable fund $8.4 billion for a total of $124.9 billion.

There continues to be a lot of volatility.

SWIB Board has a new member, Jeff DeAngelis, former chief investment officer for Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company and former president of Mason Street Advisors. He is the chair of the United Negro College Fund and chair of the Carroll University investment committee. He earned his bachelors degree from Carrol University and his MBA from Marquette University.

The board will meet on September 13 and 14.

SWIB received a pair of Institutional Investor Allocator’s Choice Awards, including Investment Team of the Year.

SWIB podcasts continue to be popular with the latest on real estate with Jason Rothenberg and Anne-Marie Fink. Pending release is a podcast on marketing updates with Chief Investment Officer Edwin Denson and Leo Kropywiansky.

There was a question on end of year returns to reflect a negative annuity adjustment. In March the projection was a -18% on the core would result in a negative annuity adjustment.


GUEST: Tarna Hunter, Director of Strategic Engagement and Government Relations, ETF.

ETF has been busy preparing for the biennium budget. ETF unlike other agencies prepares a budget for the ETF Board and then following approval it is forwarded to the Department of Administration and the Governor. This will be the largest budget ever for ETF which has become a large agency, 655,000 members, dealing with a variety of benefit programs. The budget will be presented to WCOA at the October meeting asking for support.

Insurance administration implementation modernizations has been extended to June 2024.

WEA Trust is leaving the health insurance market and will result in ETF having 52,000 participants looking at changing insurance. The GIB has been meeting and will meet again on Wednesday, 8/17/22, to fulfill the need.

The legislature is not in session. Return to work and Milwaukee joining ETF are topics.

Hybrid model for ETF employees at work has been successful.

CORRESPONDENCE - Sympathy cards were sent to the John Zwadzich family, Gerald Vreeland family and the Amy Knop family.


NEW BUSINESS - September meeting we will have a representative from AARP and for the October meeting a representative of Medicare.


OLD BUSINESS - Response to the Annual Conference were positive and next month volunteers for the committee will be solicited.

Board election nominations are due next meeting. Following no enthusiasm for the nomination committee, it was suggested the committee members will not be eligible for officer positions. The committee is: Dick K, John M, and Bob S.

Bylaws Committee will be reviewing the bylaws for establishing standing, nominating, and special committees.

There was additional discussion on the bylaw proposals and discussion paper that was provided in late June. There was no consensus and the bylaw committee will once again take a look at Article Vl Section 8.

MSC The bylaw committee will have a change recommendations at the October meeting.


TREASURER'S REPORT - Check book balance $8,135.71. Zoom expense, $463.92 paid.


NEXT MEETING: September 19, 2022 at 9:30 a.m. Zoom.

We will explore with WEAC on a hybrid meeting in October.

The meeting adjourned by 10:55 a.m.

Respectfully submitted – Dick Kratz


Wisconsin Coalition of Annuitants

Thursday May 15 and May 19 2022 | 9:30AM - 12:00PM

9:30 Welcome - Bob Schaefer, WCOA Chairman
 John Voelker, Secretary of ETF
  Question & Answer Session with John
  Jonette Arms Asst. Administrator, Division of Public Health, Dept. of Health Services
  Carrie Molke Dir. Bureau of Aging & Disability Resources, Div. of Medicaid Services, Dept. of Health Services
  Question & Answer Session with Jonette and Carrie
12:00 Closing Remarks - Bob Schaefer

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ETF Presentation Here
DHS Presentation Here

9:30 Welcome - Sandy Drew, WCOA Conference Chairperson
 Edwin Denson, Executive Director/Chief Investment Officer, State of Wisconsin Investment Board
 Leo Kropywiansky, Managing Macro Analyst, Asset & Risk Allocation, State of Wisconsin Investment Board
  Question & Answer Session with Edwin and Leo
  Laura Dresser, Associate Director of COWS, UW-Madison
  Question & Answer Session with Laura
Blair Testin Award - Sandy Drew
12:00 Closing Remarks - Sandy Drew

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SWIB Presentation Here
COWS Presentation Here