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Wisconsin Coalition of Annuitants


Minutes of Meeting November 21, 2022

The meeting was held by Zoom and was called to order by the Chair Bob Schaefer at 9:30 a.m.

DIRECTORS & ALTERNATES PRESENT: W. Backes, AFSCME 32; R. Beglinger, WFT-R; B.Bird, DOT; B. Brooks, CWCR; S. Drew, SWIB; E. Frank, DNR; J. Grosklaus, West Allis; S. Haase, UWRA; Holmes, ESP; B. johnson, SWIB; A. Knop, WEAC-R; R. Kratz, DOC; R; J. Lawton, ACE; J. Maydak, West Allis; G. Mitchell, AFSCME 52; F. Nepple, OCI; E. Reiter, KM-R; B. Schaefer, SEA; J. Stangl, DCAREA; R. Wojciak, DNR; C. Wren, WSAA.

GUESTS: T. Hunter, R. Klaskin, C. Preisler, J. Strohl.


MINUTES of the October meeting were approved as provided.


GUEST: Rochelle Klaskin, Deputy Executive Director/Chief AdministrativeOfficer, SWIB.

Presentation slides at: https://www.wicoa.org under News, SWIB Quarterly Update.

Performance - it has been a volatile year for not only public markets but the private markets as well. All of the major indexes have had double digit negative returns. The only SWIB asset class that has performed average or above is real estate. Market -15% corrections occur about every 110 days. The chart provided shows market corrections since 1948.

The core fund as of September 30 was -17.64%. The October core fund was -15.11%. Total fund end of September $117.2B, compared to August $126.5B. The Core Trust Fund, over the last 20 years, has produced $32.6B over a 60/40 reference portfolio. October variable was -20.03%

Inflation - inflation has dropped and hopefully stabilized, however, in December the feds will make another adjustment which will have an impact. Supply chain pressures have been relieved, housing and rent inflation is anticipated to remain high for the next couple years.

Asset Allocation Targets - Public Equity and Public Fixed Income allocations have been reduced and Private Equity and Real Estate have been increased, this is the denominator affect. The ability to change allocations is one advantage that SWIB has over other pension plans. The reduction provides liquidity which enables SWIB to invest in Private Equity and Real Estate when others are forced to sell. Fixed asset allocation targets and board policy benchmarks reduce the risk and provide investment opportunities.

Asset allocation Corridor Treatment provides for investments without exceeding allocations. This is unique for SWIB and allows investments without asking for allocation changes. Additionally, internally managed assets are 39.1%, a reduced percentage due to the public market, with totaled managed assets at 80.1%, again unique to SWIB.

These changes in allocation increase the 30 year expected return from 7.3% to 7.4%.


SWIB had no investment of value in the Canadian exchange of bitcoin. Some investment exchanges were less than one half basis points.


March 2023 is the target date to be in the new building. The Board will be holding their March meeting in the new facility.


GUEST: Tarna Hunter, Director of Strategic Engagement and Government Relations, ETF.

Legislatively after the election little has changed. Tarna and Jay will be contacting newly elected legislators and orienting them to the WRS. This outreach has been very successful.

Modernization project is moving along. Next step Insurance Administration.

ETF Secretary John Voelker has indicated a desire to speak with any of our groups regarding the ETF Budget and future goals

Next month we will have a presentation on the demographics of the WRS. A report has been prepared and will be emailed to our membership.

The WiCOA has indicated a desire to support the ETF budget at the appropriate time.

Next SWIB Board meeting December 14


GUEST: Chris Preisler, Senior Communications Specialist, SWIB.

Governor Evers has appointed Barbara Nick as the Chair of the Board and Clyde Tinnen as Vice-Chair. Dave Stein will remain as a public member through May ’23.

SWIB’s latest podcast will be on corporate governance.




OLD BUSINESS - The Chair will be composing a letter supporting ETFs budget.

WiCOA Officers - Bill Backes has volunteered to be Treasurer. We still do not have any nominations for Chair or Secretary.

MSC The WiCOA will post pone election of officers to the next meeting.

Discussion was had on providing a stipend to the Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer and Zoom Coordinator.

MSC The WiCOA will provide a stipend to the Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and Zoom coordinator.

NEW BUSINESS - WiCOA members, ALERT find RETIREES/ACTIVES interested in becoming part of the WiCOA?

TREASURER'S REPORT - Check book balance $8,862.71, approved as presented.


NEXT MEETING: December 19, 2022


The meeting adjourned by 11:15 a.m.

Respectfully submitted – Dick Kratz


Wisconsin Coalition of Annuitants

Thursday May 15 and May 19 2022 | 9:30AM - 12:00PM

9:30 Welcome - Bob Schaefer, WCOA Chairman
 John Voelker, Secretary of ETF
  Question & Answer Session with John
  Jonette Arms Asst. Administrator, Division of Public Health, Dept. of Health Services
  Carrie Molke Dir. Bureau of Aging & Disability Resources, Div. of Medicaid Services, Dept. of Health Services
  Question & Answer Session with Jonette and Carrie
12:00 Closing Remarks - Bob Schaefer

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ETF Presentation Here
DHS Presentation Here

9:30 Welcome - Sandy Drew, WCOA Conference Chairperson
 Edwin Denson, Executive Director/Chief Investment Officer, State of Wisconsin Investment Board
 Leo Kropywiansky, Managing Macro Analyst, Asset & Risk Allocation, State of Wisconsin Investment Board
  Question & Answer Session with Edwin and Leo
  Laura Dresser, Associate Director of COWS, UW-Madison
  Question & Answer Session with Laura
Blair Testin Award - Sandy Drew
12:00 Closing Remarks - Sandy Drew

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SWIB Presentation Here
COWS Presentation Here